Hello World.

June 20th 2016

It all started with this one idea. Isn’t that how everything starts?lightbulbidea

In effort to avoid boring anyone to death, I will keep this first post brief by giving the basic inspiration behind creating this blog.

First, let’s ask ourselves the following: Are we ever prepared enough?

Now we can chew on this…

  1. We are not born alone, or in pieces.
  2. Its fun to make stuff, especially if you can make your life more functional and save money doing it!
  3. Children do not come with instructions, and we are now living in a time where Screenagers are taking over the planet. They are like real life zombies…like for real!
girl with television on her head
Image taken from http://www.booktrust.org/rise-of-the-screenagers/

Each of the above is the main inspiration for each and every post you will find! These are the things that motivate me, and I would be super selfish if I did not share things that help me navigate across all of them.

Coming soon to post near you… Health & Wellness, Crafts & DIY, Family Life.


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