How to painlessly remove a baby tooth

Got kids? If so, I’m willing to wager at some point in their tiny lives, a tooth will be born. If memory serves me correctly, these can be perilous times for some parents… They go from a happy baby to a cray cray cranky new born overnight!



At last the tooth has decided to share all the beauty that was hiding beneath those silly gums.


Fast forward a few years later.. Somewhere around Pre K to 1st grade-ish… We find ourselves in some sort of tooth shedding process.

The child comes to you with an excited grin. You may find yourself somewhere between excited and nervous about having to put on the ol tooth fairy costume.

What about the loose tooth that just won’t fall out? What about the kid who is too scared to try any of the traditional methods?

Well, worry not because I have a technique that is proven painless on my own worry wort children, and I’d like to share it with those who have stubborn tooth shedding children who tell you about their loose tooth for days on end!

Supplies needed:

  • Dental Floss
  • Child with loose tooth

Step 1

Take about 20 inches of dental floss.

Step 2

Cautiously approach the child (slow and steady) with loose tooth holding dental floss in hand.

Step 3

Bribe the child to hold his or her mouth open so you can assist them with the loose tooth.

hint: you can even tell them your going to help them floss.

Step 4

insert the dental floss around the tooth as if you were going to floss the back of the loose tooth. Make sure to position the floss at the base of the tooth where it meets the gums, if the tooth is loose enough, you may be able to get the floss further down on the tooth.

With ends of the floss hanging in front, cross the ends and pull on the ends like you are about to tie a shoe.

Careful not to get the gums in the floss, just the tooth!

This will sever the loose tooth from the gums.

Step 5

Enjoy the happy child who no longer has a loose tooth but a needy piggy bank.




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