Bullet Journal

The Bullet Journal – or BUJO for short is a fascinating way to plan – basically your entire life.

It all started with a close friend sending me this link. Upon opening her link, and discovering what was waiting for me, I responded back to her with

Do you know what you’ve just done?!Image result for surprised meme

She did. She knew that I had an obsession with notebooks and pens. She knew that I loved taking notes, and that along with 78% of the people who have children population, I struggled with organization. Circle highlight and underline the planning portion of organization.

Before – BUJO – people would say “Hey so I know your kids birthday is coming up in a week or two so did you have anything planned for that?” I was always reluctant to answer or put any actual thought into these types of questions this far in advance.

Image result for disorganized

I know, you planners are probably like – ADVANCE? But for me, this was too much too soon. I’m a last minute girl, and I like it that way. In a way it helped me keep anxiety at bay not having to think about something that required as much effort as party planning or gift shopping or deadlines for things until they were actually due.

In hindsight, I think this was only adaptation to help me navigate the chaos. I can clearly reflect on how the lack of planning creates and invites more chaos.


Favorite moment of BUJO so far is when the ex asks me about a child related upcoming event, and I can be like – BOOYAH, I know that one! In yo face!

Sad but that’s my actual reaction.

Ok – back to the matter at hand.

Put in the simplest of terms, BUJO helps you to win at life.

Image result for win at lifeWho doesn’t want to win?!


So what the heck is BUJO? And how would you begin to implement this into your life?

Well it all started with this guy…

Ryder Carroll

(I know right, male organization is in a league of its own) who shared his system with a friend who was struggling to plan some party event. She was overwhelmed by the responsibilities, and he exposed her to his chronicling methods of journaling wizardry, and it became more and more obvious that it was something that needed to be shared with the world.

His Bullet Journal system, is very simplified, and easy. It has had many helpings of steriods since then and is cracktastically become this amazing super customizable fun and potentially crafty way to organize and plan everything. In a way that you would WANT to.

If you are not artistic, this is still something that requires NO skills! I mean it helps if you know how to write.

Here are the key elements to a successful BUJO:

  1. Key
  2. Table Of contents
  3. Yearly, monthly, weekly/daily planning

Here are some added fun elements:

  1. tracking logs
  2. drawing pages
  3. note pages
  4. colors
  5. stickers, stencils, fun fonts

last but not least…


Image result for washitape

The best part is, the bullet journal is yours, you can do anything you want with it, customize it however you want to, and there really is no wrong way.

If you make a mistake, no one is going to be all critical of you. Its YOUR journal, so you can do what you want with it.

I recommend starting at the beginning with the original bullet system video. This will quickly explain the basic techniques and it is easy to see why it is such a successful repeatable method to journaling.

BUJO system.PNG


Afterward, feel free to explore all the different takes on it to get ideas and inspiration on how you could go about it on your own.

Here was my first attempt:

more of a doodle – playing with the ideas

First attempt at “Year At A Glance”

Trying the new method for note taking (and adding a splash of color using highlighters)

This was all done in the back end of a smaller than average size notebook.

Then I modified it.

I bought a $3 lay-flat blank hardcover notebook from Walmart. I also bought some skinny markers, and a little washi tape.

Color Pallete, KEY, and index (which in hindsight was much to short to accommodate the amount of book pages, A washi taped extended index was added at a later date.
Used post-its and washi tape to make it functionally reusable
Daily/weekly view
BUJO orig
Affirmation/Inspiration page
A bulletin board style to organize work tasks


This bullet journal was my favorite because I’m creative, it was like a blank canvas for me. I established a routine of weekend “adult color time”. It was relaxing, and because every single page was made by me for me, it was easier for me to have “buy-in” to every page.

Now I’m here.

I made my own daily templates in excel, printed and used ARC hole punch. Just add washi tape!

A friend of mine who I turned on to BUJO turned me on to the “ARC” system – which is another customizable notebook. I would have never guessed I would use it as much as I do now, but it is quite far from where I was when I first began BUJO. I use very little of the BUJO techniques, but I’m still finding my groove with this one. I found that this notebook is easier to use at work, and filled mostly with work stuff. My previous was easier to maintain for my personal life. One would think that harmony between them is optimal. I’m a bit of a scatterbrain, so what is easy and obvious may take me a little longer to see.


Inspiration comes from all over!

Some other examples:


you do not need to be a design expert (although it doesn’t hurt). Research bullet journal techniques, and you can learn a few simple symbols, icons, and elements to really make your pages pop without having to go to design school.

I found banners, lines, and font practice to be a great start. I’m no expert, but I love doing it, and it does help me.

When and if I find a perfect hybrid between my favorite BUJO attempt, and my current notebook system, I will share!

Thanks for visiting. I hope you like it! Feel free to share!


Have you tried it? What are your thoughts? -Leave me a comment.


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