Foster The People’s new EP – III

It goes without saying I’m a pretty big fan of Foster The People.epcover

Its always been somewhat of an FTP trademark to have real talk – dark or light subject matter paired with a catchy beat and curious melody, yet some of the lyrics seem personal making it easy for people to connect with – especially those on a healing path.

When the new highly anticipated Google imposed “Album” came out entitled III, it was more than a squealing moment of glee.


Click here to listen to my favorite track so far Pay The Man – Foster The People

FTPIt was immediately purchased on Amazon by yours truly even after I listened to the songs on the website.

Frank here… I was a little bit mesmerized all the while being disappointed. Mainly because it was just an EP, and I’ve been practically foaming at the mouth waiting for new FTP music since their second album.

What little churn I felt was replaced with gratitude because, the three songs on the EP III, were very different and still very FTP-ish. Best part is they are the kind that get better each time you listen to them.

Intrinsically psychedelic videos flow with the music quite nicely. 


It was surprising how lyrically aligned these songs are to my #currentmood.

I’m left to wonder if there is a bigger picture that everybody knows about and I’m only tuned in to the aftermath. Some might say “That’s indie music for you!” but I’m inclined to object in that FTP lyrics often talk about achieving inner greatness, and address the audience in a “we the people” matter of speak. They also have a beautiful way of comparing elements of truth and justice. Inspiring open words… Thank you Mark Foster!

FTP yepPay The Man

So why of the three songs is “Pay The Man” my favorite track? Several reasons:

  1. When I first heard it, I thought it sounded weird. Now I love the taste of all the ebbs and flows especially the synth strings as a backdrop.
  2. It makes me think. First thought – Uncle Sam + government undertones. Then I realized its about paying the price for everything you do “I was laughing real hard till my teeth fell out”. Like it was funny until… it wasn’t. I’ve since moved away from my first thought in favor of appreciating the deeper and more profound meaning.
  3. “The Deaf man heard what the Mute man said, then they all followed where the Blind man led.”

  4. “Pay The Man” has paved the way for my other favorite track “Doing It For The Money”.

Doing It For The Money

I’m in love with the track “Doing It For The Money” because “It doesn’t matter where I go I AM” – but there’s several other reasons. Similarly, on my journey to find the hidden meaning of this track, it started with the title. And the confusion from other posts I’ve read on my quest to find “Lotus Eater” prior to the release of III.

It Googles “FTP new song” too many times, and it finds misleads.

Image result for smeagol

The following thought actually crossed my mind – ‘Perhaps unlike “Pumped Up Kicks“, they preferred to chant “doing it for the money” repeatedly at their concerts. This notion was immediately discarded by – every experience as an FTP listener EVER!

Contrastingly, one of the best parts is that its real meaning is opposite of the title – Money is a commodity, which is something I feel strongly about. This song is a great reminder that life isn’t lived for the sake of money.

BUT its very clear that this song is about surviving tribulations – which reminds me a little bit of another FTP song called “Houdini“. “Doing it for the Money” sounds more evolved, when you hear the words “Calling all the prophets in the battle I AM“, and “we are not afraid to step into the fight when we can’t see the light“.


A classic and beautiful sounding FTP song. It reminds me a lot of the “Coming Of Age” track from the second Album. It has a nice melody, and positive uplifting chorus. I found it easy to listen to and very likable. It also makes me want to visit the Sacred Hearts Club!

Final verdict on III

It’s really a perfect trifecta of greatness in other music they produced – but evolved sound for them and for the ears of the general population.

Once again I’m bewildered by the wizardry of all that is Foster, and I’m grateful that I do not have to wait even longer for new music. III is like a pacifier.


Its nice to have something to splash around in while we wait for a long and full version (I’m hoping with the song “Lotus Eater” on it). This EP was released by design, while the full length album is rumored to come out later this year.

If you listened to it – Let me know which one is your fave!


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