About Me

In a nutshell…

My name is AJ. I am a tenacious mother of 3, bored, scary and fun – depending on who you ask- and I know a thing or two about randomness and useful information that can be pertinent to daily living.

My attempt at a SLASH costume sporting a handmade fake cig. I was so proud that it looked so real! (far left) my youngest son photobombs me.

I’m fully experienced in child rearing – especially in what not to do.

St Louis Arch | March 2017 (Top) My oldest to youngest child stacked on the left

Speaking of minions, my oldest is almost an adult. He is often accused of being my twin.

Sometimes, I think I’ve lost the war, three against one. Most days, I think of my kids as ship mates who report to me as their trusted and loyal captain. Which day is which is a total crap-shoot.



I love these goofy silly sweet fun smart creative people!

“Children are like a surprise bouquet made of people…” -me

I know right?! – who quotes themselves?

Fun fact –

I would have quit my day job to become a singer, but I’m on the first step (of knowing I have a problem) – I can’t sing past my imaginary shower fans.

I am a HUGE music lover.

Notice the entire page devoted to music. When it comes to music, I like anything musical meheecothat sounds good.  My favorite is indie mixed genres like Foster The People, but I like everything.

I’m always on the hunt for new stuff to listen to, (that may be a slight exaggeration because I listen to some old stuff constantly).

However, I don’t know what I don’t know, so if you got something good you want to share, leave it in the comments!


ABOUT  my pug

I’m a proud Pug momma.

My youngest is a 3 yr old fur-baby named Luci. She is of many likings.

Like many pugs, Luci is an expert at being snorty and licky. Her nickname is RUDE. Which also may be one of my most overused words.

This is large in part because of her profound ability to hoover around with her little snout and magically create a trash on the floor project at record speeds.

Goof-proofing my garbage is for the professionals!

ABOUT This Blog

“This1Chick” is an idea that spread from my early childhood. I grew up standing out as a nerd. I had longed to be invisible, or accepted like everyone else. In high school, I wanted to be known as “That one chick”.

Everything random to advice and reviews, coupled with research and experience is poured into each page of this blog.

I hope you enjoy.


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